Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Why we live where we live....

This past week our community was hit by a very destructive wind storm. PawPaw had a huge tree that was blown over, roots and all, at his place. We went over tonight and began clearing off side limbs. The tree is a Ponderosa Pine and was probably close to 100 feet tall and around 3 feet across at the base. One huge tree. It will cut up into fire wood for us to burn this winter.

Our neighbors the Amoths also suffered a huge loss. They own an old grain elevator at the end of our road that was severely damaged. Every summer they use the elevator to store grain for the winter for their animals. Today there was a large crowd, probably 30 men and boys, gathered to begin taking down all the demolished wood and metal and getting everything sorted and readied to be rebuilt. They had also delivered in portable potties and the women had food and drinks all set up. It made me proud to be a part of a community that pitches in and helps one-another in times of need. Tonight around 9:00 p.m. they were still working. Awesome.... friends helping friends.

Terry made the comment that you probably wouldn't see this kind of support in a large metropolitan area. Really reinforces our decision to relocate to Idaho and raise our children in this environment.

Get out today and help someone!! It will help them and will help you also in the process.

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