Saturday, July 12, 2008

Homesteading isn't for sissies...

I posted a couple of weeks back about Manny coming to live with us here on the homestead. Well we learned yesterday that it isn't going to work out. Many factors and evidently wasn't meant to be, but still we are saddened.

Other horsey news is that I purchased a just like new saddle off Craigslist. Yes I know, I better check out the Craigslist Anonymous meeting schedule soon because I am a Craigslist addict. I can admit it.

Anyway back to the saddle, it is a chocolate brown synthetic 17" western saddle. It was still in the box. The cinch strap was still in the plastic. It was an awesome find. The lady was only selling it because she needed a different saddle for her gaited horse. Thank you so much Sandy!!!!

We only had a small saddle for the kids and a bareback saddle. Terry tried to ride Tanner last weekend with the small saddle and lets just say that didn't work out so well. Terry landed on his feet and Tanner was glad he was off his back because I think the saddle was pinching him. I can't wait to try out the new saddle later today.

Also another great score from Craigslist, 2 double-wall fount chicken waters and 2 large feeders. I got all of them for a $20 spot and the small double-wall fount waterer alone would be more than the $20 paid for all of them.

Getting into homesteading isn't an inexpensive endeavor by any means. I love saving where and when I can. I picked up some pint canning jars at the thrift store this week. I also got a couple of new issue magazines. Katlyn made a sour cream cherry pie from a recipe featured in one of the mags. Definitely worth its .10 cents sticker price, don't you think? It only takes a little more effort to shop smarter. Yes, I could have purchased the same magazine at the grocery store and paid the full cover price of $4.95. I could have purchased new jars at the store but I choose to re-use and shop smarter, any time I can. I love finding a deal on something that can really benefit the kids or the homestead......woohoo!!! I think that is the essence of homesteading - being able to make something grand out of something simple. Again I say, less is more. These are important lessons not only for our children but also for us.


Kathie said...

I buy magazines at the thrift store all the time, I think its a great way to do things. Congrats on the craigslist finds! I never seem to find much on craigslist here, it just hasn't quite taken hold in this area yet.

Kelli said...

We usually do searches for Montana and CDA/Spokane. Another little trick is I google the item I am looking for with craigslist in the search and it will so if it is listed for sale on any craigslist. I found my flour mill in Seattle that way and the gentleman was so nice and shipped it to me. I love spending .10 on magazines. Thanks for listing me in your best of on Friday.

Carla said...

You two were the "instigation" for my ebay search for a pressure canner! (I found nothing on craigslist.) I think Kelli's right: she's about halfway between the 3 of us.
Wouldn't it be great to meet?!?!