Monday, June 2, 2008

Let me introduce well all of us, really

My name is Kelli and this is my blog. By day my professional job is a therapist but I dream of dirt under my nails, jelly in the canner, and chickens riding on the handle-bars of my all seriousness, we just attended our town's Memorial Day parade and for the second year in a row, the highlight of the parade for me was this little girl riding her pink Huffy bike with a chicken in tow on the handle-bars....wish I had a pic because I'm sensing some real doubt....but it's true.

I am married to a wonderful man named Terry or Terdy affectionately called. Besides being a full-time Dad, he is a professional furniture maker. Check out his site, and send him an email and let him hear from you. Terry is one of those guys that can fix, build, restore, or Southern engineer anthing.....quite handy to have around the homestead. He is currently finishing up a BIG furniture order that he will deliver to Texas towards the end of the month. He has also been busy working on our new land......Wormwood Estates.....I mentioned it yesterday. It can really no longer be accurately called Wormwood Estates because we mowed all the old gray growth down and then have sprayed the field to kill the wormwood. It sounds like we might have a heck of a time gettin' rid of that stuff. Anyway, it looks significantly better. We have had so many neighbors and strangers stop and comment on the improvements we've made so far. That feels awesome when someone notices your hard-work.

We are parents to six children, five of whom are teenagers and still live at home. The eldest is Lindsey and she is a deaf educator in an elementary school in Tyler, Texas. She has recently become engaged and we are so happy to welcome Andreas into our family. Then there are the terrible teens...not really, well at least not all the time. Christopher (16), Martina (16), Michael (15), Katlyn (14), and Emily (13). Pictures to follow....sometime, when somebody emails me and tells me how to fix my pics so that they end up in the body of the blog in proximity to what I am talking about versus at the beginningof the narrative.....somebody, please help. Until next time, I'll leave you hanging wondering how haggard Terry and I must look to have one marrying in a couple of months and five teens........


Kathie said...

Congrats on the blog! I look forward to reading more.

Elaine said...

Great blog! Would love to see pics of all. I look forward to reading more.
Love to all,