Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lessons learned.....

Today Terry and I went to meet Chester. Chester is a 13 year old registered paint and is owned by my co-worker Jean. Jean is a very experienced horse-person and offered to teach us some "ground manners". We had a wonderful couple hour lesson where we learned proper techniques for haltering, leading, lunging, saddeling, and reining. Chester was a really good sport and accomodated us novices. It is so nice to have friends that are like-minded and so willing to share their expertise . We also got to tour Jean's beautiful home that she and her husband have labored long and hard over. What a treat. Jean even sent us home with a lunge line, a hay feeder and a promise of a saddle stand. I love sharing things with others in need and it is so awesome when the favor is returned. Thank you to Jean for your extraordinary kindness and knowledge.

The kids have become fish addicts. They fish most every afternoon and after dinner at the creek down the road. We are all loving the fish. This is Christopher and Katlyn with their latest catch!!!
More trout for dinner. Maybe we will get enough to can this weekend. Terry found me a double propane outdoor cook-top. It provides 60,000 btu for each burner. I think that will be perfect to can on. I will be setting up an outdoor canning kitchen so that I won't be heating up the house. I have pics soon, hopefully.
Share your knowledge and abundance with will be blessed in the process.


Kathie said...

What a goregous family of fisherfolks! I can't wait to see the photos of the canning kitchen.

Carla said...

Kelli! I just found your blog from Kathie's Blog! I am SO excited to find another Idaho blogger - and a northern Idaho blogger to boot. You're even more 'norther' than I am!
I haven't had a change to go back to read through you posts, but I will later today.
Yippee! If I wasn't at work, I'd be skipping (yes, I still remember how)
Carla in North Idaho (CDA)