Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bring on the bacon...

Today we were able to purchase two new pigs. They were born in December and are probably already 125 pounds.....on their way. This handsome gentleman (the pig, not Terry) will be butchered in a couple three months and the female we purchased will be our breeding sow. She will affectionately be known as Petunia.

We also took our two goats to be bred today. Hopefully it won't be too late and they will both take. They are both being bred to a really nice Boer stud. Rosie is a Nubian and Peanut is a Nubian/Boer cross.
All this toting around of the animals was made possible because we SCORED major yesterday. Christopher, our eldest son, loves to scour Craigslist. He saw a great 2-horse straight load, bumper pull. It is a 1969 model but had recently been sandblasted and re-painted. It is awesome. We paid $500.00 for it. They had been asking $1500.00 but recently dropped the price because they live in a subdivision and the neighbors were fussing about it being parked in the alley......their loss and most definitely our gain. This will help so much around the homestead. Tomorrow we will use it again as we are picking up three bred sheep....oh yea!! A regular working homestead. Tune in tomorrow and meet the sheep...our newest three to join Bent Tree Farm.


Idaho mom said...

Are you planning on doing the butchering yourself or taking them to the meat locker? (pigs)
We have 2 that we are planning on doing ourselves before too long. Do you already have a boar lined up for breeding time? I was thinking about keeping 1 of ours for breeding too, but don't know anyone willing to breed outside.

Kelli said...

We are planning to butcher the pig ourselves. We have been studying but have never done it ourselves. We have someone who offered to help teach us. We plan to take him up on it. If you butcher yours first, we should pitch in and help each other out. No, I don't have a boar lined up already. Maybe I will get a male this spring that hasn't been cut yet and make him our boar.