Tuesday, December 2, 2008

NSD - No Spending Day

Today was another no-spending day. Day number 2!!! It feels good to be setting goals and following through. I carried my lunch again and didn't leave the office. I'm doing that on purpose. Don't put myself in a place or position to spend money. I am planning on tomorrow being a spending day. I have a list and I will stick to buying only the things on the list. More of on-purpose choices to get me where I want to be. Where do I want to be? Less afraid in this economy, able to provide for my family, secure and stable, able to have a nice emergency fund on hand and ready for when it is needed. Mostly though I want to teach my children the lesson of doing things on purpose and living simply within one's means and to be as prepared as can be. How about you guys. How are your goals for the month or year coming? Have you given purposeful attention to your goals? I would love to hear from you all so I can know I'm not in this struggle alone.


Carla said...

Hey, Kelli - welcome back!! Good to be hearing from you again! I've actually just started formulating (in my head only) some goals this week. Lots of ideas just rumbling around - need to start getting them organized for the first of the year. You're starting to motivate me!
Got much snow up there? We've had 50+ inches since last Wednesday with more to come tomorrow (another foot maybe). Have to say, I'm tired of shoveling...!

Carrie said...

I completely agree with you.

Most of my days are "no spending days". By the time we do our homeschool lessons, get our housecleaning chores done and baking there is no time for going out to do any shopping.

We go out once a week or so to do the grocery shopping and maybe one a month to stop by the hardware store and dollar store (right next to each other).

Jenn in Hawaii said...

Thanks for sending me your blog, I have laughed thru the entire thing, finding great joy in the humor of God. I no longer have to ask what brought us together, thou we have not officially met, makes me laugh even harder. Lets see if I can count the comparisons...... been making homemade bread for years, frugal is our middle name, we do have family meetings, our goal is to be out of CC debt by years end, our pup is a miniature female doxy who is just the best dog we have ever had and one day we hope to breed her, when you meet her your gonna love her. As you know we are hitting the road in about 3 weeks to "simplify life" down size, enjoy what we have been given and become even more old fashioned that we already are.
The hardest part of being on the road will be not having a place to garden, but maybe again in time. I love the napkin thing, when we were on the farm we did that, now rather than paper towels, we have gone back to good ol fashion 'rags' that get used and washed, all natural cleaning products thru Melaluca, and downsizing, purging, cleaning out so as you say, we know what we have, where it is and how to use it. We will be seeing you sometime beginning of March, should be coming in around the 10th give or take a few. I agree with the one mom that said as homeschoolers most of our days are no spending days, but I think it is very smart to really focus on that by giving it a name so the kids are aware that we make a CHOICE to not spend. Great life lesson. The final plans are still coming together. We too drove a Suburban for years :-) Too fun. Hope all is well. The Hawaiian Friends